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Plan For Retirement

How to save money piggy bank

Prepare and Plan For Retirement - EARLY!

The sooner in your working life and career that you plan for your retirement, the better.

Pennies put away early in your work career can be the equivalent of pounds put away when you are close to retirement - so without doubt the best time to start planning and saving for your retirement is NOW!

Little and often is the easy way to save for your retirement... BUT it is essential that you begin soon enough that that little you save now will build into a significant pension fund over time. If you are starting to save for your pension later in your career then you will need to save a bigger amount, possible a high percentage of your earnings. Again, check with your local government tax laws to check your entitlement to tax incentives.

Consider buying into or participating in a company pension fund, or even paying extra into the fund if you already belong. Many companies run a pension fund for employees which you are entitled to join, sometimes after a probationary period in the job. The advantage, usually, of a work pension fund is that your employee may match or enhance any contributions you make which means you are getting additional money towards your future pension without cost to you. This can be a significant way to enhance and grow your pension fund and increase your overall long-term wealth.

Take advantage of any tax incentives your government offers to encourage citizens to save for retirement - this can be a great way to enhance your pension fund. You may be offered tax-relief on any pension savings, which means you effectively can contribute to your pension with money you would have had to pay to the government in tax anyway. So make sure you get the pension tax relief you are entitled to.

Remember, it is easy to put off saving for your retirement, but the sooner you start, the more you will have when you do retire - THINK AHEAD!

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How to save money piggy bank

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